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5 Minutes a Day!

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Social Media Doesn't Have to be a Pain in the..neck!

  • Spend less time
  • Create posts with easy
  • Stress less
  • Get on with your life!

You KNOW social media is important for your business BUT do you...

  • Post consistently?
  • Write great captions?
  • Encourage engagement?
  • Include interesting imagery?
  • Use hashtags strategically?

Does This Sound Familiar?

Are You Having Trouble Creating Social Media Posts?

  • I just don't know what to post!
  • I don't have time to create my own content!
  • I'm not a writer! It takes me hours to write posts!
  • I'm not a graphic designer! My posts look terrible!
  • I'm confused when things change on social media!
  • Nobody is liking or commenting on my posts!
  • I don't know how to use #hashtags!
  • I don't know special #Hashtag days!
  • I don't have time to search for photos!
  • I have questions and no one to help me!

Don't Worry! We have THE answer to your social media headaches!

☕️ Create your content in the time

it takes you to make a cup of coffee! ☕️

We'll help you ...

  • Save time with pre-designed content
  • Get results on your posts
  • Build trust with your audience
  • Improve the look of your feed
  • Attract more leads to drive revenue

Try Painless Posting

to Get Your Social Media DONE!

Every Month You'll Receive Social Media Posts Designed Specifically for EACH Day!!

Our library of graphic templates, content, hashtags, and tutorials makes it FAST and EASY for you to post consistent and branded content for your business.

Use our live Q&A sessions and VIP group to get more help and answers to your social media questions.

  • Post Captions with Companion Hashtags
  • Matching Customized Graphics
  • Social Media Profile Optimization Courses
  • Courses on How to Use Canva
  • Hashtag Days of the Week with Ideas
  • Hashtag Holiday Calendar with Prompts for Every Month
  • Painless Posting Powerhouse VIP Group
  • Monthly LIVE Q&A
  • BONUS: Hashtag Tips Video Series
  • BONUS: Social Media Calendar
  • BONUS eBook: Social Media Posting Ideas to Combat Writer's Block
  • BONUS: Ideal Audience Worksheet
  • BONUS: Hashtag Tips Video Series

How We Help People Just Like YOU!

Here's what a few people are saying about us...

Easy to Follow Instructions

Maggie Carey make things look so simple to follow along. Unlike most professionals in her field, she's very patient in explaining the process of getting to point A to point B. I highly recommend you tuning in as she educate and demonstrate the process in being noticed on social media platforms in order growing your business. - Larry B

The Best

When it comes to social media, Master It Media is hands down the best! - Chris J

Increase Instagram Following

I was struggling to gain any attention on Instagram with my follower number just stagnating. Once I started working with Maggie I saw an immediate increase in followers and engagement. I highly, highly recommend Master It Media to help make you a star on social! - Rob G

Painless Post Helps You Create Posts


Access posts specifically designed for each day!

Copy, Paste, Tweak, and Post the caption with the engaging graphic that we provide.

As a BONUS, we also provide you with a customizable Canva graphic template which allows you to edit the graphic to match your brand!

We also provide you with short tutorials on a variety of topics to help you get the most out of Painless Posting.

We give you everything you need to create a social media post for every day of the month.

PLUS you'll receive a bunch of extras!

Every month new posts are released!

For each day of the month will have a post that includes:

  • A Prompt
  • A Caption
  • A Downloadable Graphic
  • A Customizable Graphic Template
  • A Complete List of Hashtags Holidays

And that's not all!

Here's Everything You Get in a Monthly Painless Posting Subscription

A Post a Day for each Month - Value = $500/Month

Matching Customized Graphics

Post Captions with Companion Hashtags

Monthly Hashtag Holiday Calendar - Value = $200 /Month

Popular Hashtag Holidays for Every Day, Week, and Month

Prompts to Help You Create Additional Posts

Companion Hashtags to Leverage a Variety of Related Hashtags

Special Webinars and Tutorials - Value = $150/Workshop

Canva Tutorials

Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn Profile Tutorials

Social Media Management Tutorials

Social Media Webinars to Leverage Engagement

Monthly LIVE Q&A - Value = $200/Month

Social Media Group Coaching

Special Guest Speakers

Tips & Tricks for Social Media Engagement

VIP Community Group - Value = $50/Month

Connect with other business professionals

Forum to share content and get feedback

Submit questions for LIVE Q&A

Special Offers and Savings - 20% off

One-to-one strategy sessions

Special done-for-you services

Access to special programs designed specifically for Painless Posting Subscribers

Use our professionally crafted designs


While Creating an AMAZING Social Media Presence!

This program is valued at over $1,000!!

You pay ONLY $99/month!

Our special introductory offer rate is only available for a limited time.

Stop Spending Hours on Your Social Media!

We make it Painless to Post!

Get More Time to Do What You Love!

This is the SOLUTION

to Social Media HEADACHES!



I was there just a few short years ago.

I felt like I had to create content on social media AND run my business AND handle sales calls AND meet with clients AND take care of my family!

Forget about having time to take care of myself or my health!

I was stressed out and overwhelmed!

This is me on Wednesday, November 27, 2019. The day before Thanksgiving. I was in my office late - burning the midnight oil. I was creating social media content for the big holiday weekend including Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, etc.

I was late getting it out. Other businesses had promoted their content weeks before. Here I was playing catchup! What I created wasn't the best but it was the best I could do with the time that I had.

Worst of ALL - my family was home but I wasn't!

I was trying to figure out what to post on social media for my business. The business that was putting that beautiful Thanksgiving feast on the table!

I was miserable, stressed, and tired while trying to come up with content with everything else on my mind.

It was absolutely PAINFUL!

And guess how much business it brought in? NOTHING! All that work and it didn't even bring me a sale!

Does this sound familiar to you?

From that day on - I was DETERMINED to figure out HOW to make social media WORK for me and my business!

Get Ready to Skyrocket Your Social Media

SAVE Countless Hours

and Reduce Your Social Media STRESS!

The RoadMap

Section 1 - The Mindset

  • Defining Your Own Success
  • Determining Your ROI
  • The 5 Steps to Success

Section 2 - The Cash money

  • Simplifying Your Finical Model
  • Family Mission Statement

Section 3 - The productization

  • Productizing Your Superpower
  • Family Core Values

Section 4 - The playbook

  • Mapping Out Your Client Journey
  • Locking In Your Niche
  • Locking In Your Narrative
  • Agreements Vs Expectations

Section 5 - The Marketing: Paid

  • Lead Generation - Paid
  • Leadership Principle #1

Know where your going and make it bigger than yourself

Section 6 - The Marketing: Organic

  • Lead Generation - Organic
  • Leadership principle #2

Speak so that people will listen and take action

Section 7 - The Nurturing

  • Lead Nurturing
  • Leadership Principle #3

Your Not the Hero

Section 8 - The Close

  • Closing Sales
  • Leadership Principle #4

Respect is earned based on who you are and what you do

Section 9 - The Automation

  • Automation 101
  • Leadership Principle #5

Build a greenhouse where ever you are

Section 10 - The Team

  • Company Mission Statement
  • Company Core Values
  • Hiring the Right People
  • 1x1 Dates with your kids

Section 11 - The Growth

  • Meeting Rhythms for Growth
  • Knowing when to scale
  • Your Morning routine
  • At the dinner table!

Section 12 - The Next Level

  • Daily Commitments
  • The Skills Your Children Need
  • Your Next Milestones

Painless Posting is HERE to Help you EVERY MONTH!

Here's Why I Created Painless Posting

Maggie Carey, Founder & CEO of Master It Media

I want businesses to be able to create content easily and in less time than it takes them to make a cup of coffee!

I used my decades of computer experience, to create a social media content process that is painless to use!

You shouldn't have to spend hours creating a week's worth of posts to promote your business. You should be spending that valuable time doing what you love to do.

My team has developed engaging content and stunning graphics to help you get more engagement in less time.

We've used our experience and vetted results from our clients to create top posts that will take the pain out of posting on YOUR social media!

Let us help you get started!

Not convinced that Painless Posting will work for you??

Try our 7-Day High Engagement Challenge for FREE!

This Challenge is strategically & professionally designed to get YOU started on creating content and graphics to attract customers and clients to YOU from YOUR social media!

Try The FREE

Painless Posting

7-Day High Engagement Challenge...

  • 7 Post Captions with Companion Hashtags
  • 7 Matching Customized Graphics
  • Step-by-Step Tutorials
  • BONUS: Social Media Calendar
  • BONUS eBook:

Social Media Posting Ideas to Combat Writer's Block

  • BONUS: Ideal Audience Worksheet
  • BONUS: Hashtag Tips Video Series


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So... What are we really up to?

The size and revenue of your business does not make you successful but success is measured on the character of our children.

As parents, this is our primary responsibility in life.

So where does our business fit in it? It provides us the time energy and money to invest in the most worthy of work.

Unfortunately owning and running your own business drains you of the three currencies of life:




The Present Entrepreneur is designed to do two things:

  1. Help business owners and entrepreneurs gain an ROI in TIME, ENERGY and MONEY
  2. Develop the courage strength, and skills to be present at the dinner table and to make an impact at home.